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Characteristics of american romanticism

Intellectual and spiritual revolution - rise of Unitarianism. He wore straw hat, stout shoes, strong gray trousers, to brave shrub-oaks and smilax, and to climb a tree for a hawk's or squirrel's nest. As the movement developed, it sponsored two important activities: Characters Characters in American romantic writing were stagnant. Organic principle in writing:

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  1. American Romanticism Characteristics. The Novel. One big difference between American Romanticism and the Romanticism that developed on the other side of the pond (in Britain) is that the novel was kind of a big deal in American Romanticism. Symbolism. Formal Experimentation. Nature. Individualism. Emotion. Imagination. ‎Nature · ‎Individualism · ‎Symbolism · ‎The Frontier.

  2. 10 Major Characteristics of American Romanticism. #1. Values feeling and intuition over reason. #2. Places faith in inner experience and the power of Imagination. #3. Shuns the artificiality of civilization and seeks unspoiled nature. #4. Prefers youthful innocence to educated sophistication. #5. Champions individual.

  3. Values feeling and intuition over reason. Values the imagination over reality. Civilization is bad Nature is good. Educated sophistication is bad Youthful innocence is good. Individual freedom is important. Nature is the way to find God. Progress is bad. Most settings are in exotic locales or the supernatural.

  4. This lesson will identify and explain several characteristics of the American Romantic period. Though the writers of this era preserved some more.

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