Kissing someone with rotten teeth. Error (Forbidden)

Kissing someone with rotten teeth

Note that this is a completely different disease than cavities also known as dental decay or caries. Can you get gum disease from kissing? Knowing whether a potential significant other has an STI or not is mandatory these days. What is gum disease? This causes the brush to stay damp longer. My dental health has skyrocketted since I started plackering.

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Kissing someone with rotten teeth

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  1. Kissing someone who has gum disease or cavity-causing bacteria can cause someone else who previously had a low concentration of “bad” bacteria to “catch” dental problems, due to the increased concentration of “bad” bacteria — especially if that person has poor oral hygiene habits, which set the stage for tooth decay.

  2. I dreaded kissing him all the time, but he had a nice personality and we I've never kissed someone with decaying teeth though so that I don't.

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